What is it?

Nothing to do with swimming, forest bathing is the English translation of the Japanese term 'Shinrin-yoku'. It is the practice of wandering amongst trees and woodland while bringing attention to your senses and noticing the overlooked obvious. There are elements of slowing down and letting go of driven doing, allowing a playfulness and intuitiveness to come to our experience.

Forest bathing also has roots in mindfulness, especially mindful walking. It is also watered by many sources such as the Romantic poets, science and art. Both the ancient and contemporary nature based paths of Druidism, mythology and the sense of being connected to places feed into it at times.

Mindful Walking can include elements of forest bathing, but an ancient woodland isn't something that everyone has access to. We offer walks in other interesting spaces too whether filled with spectacular plants, rare trees or monuments to our past. Each of us guides a little differently, doing so from the heart rather than from a script and we often tailor the experience to the space and place. We hope you will join us soon.